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2010-10-23: This site is getting a major re-working and will eventually pretty much serve as a publishing name and self-recording label.   I'm moving the "personal site" aspect to PeacockFairy.com — please update any links you have.  Fear not, my purple penmanship will not vanish; I dare say, it shall even become more prominent on this site.

2010-04-07: Brisbane-local Australian steampunk promoter Kali Black will be screening Luis Buñel & Salvador Dalí's Un Chien Andalou with music by Ruadhán J McElroy & Jason Crowe alongside the 2010 restoration of Fritz Lang's Metropolis at an upcoming event in the Land of Oz! A very small number of DVD-R copies of the soundtrack with a silent cut of the film will be available at the event. Stay tuned for details.

2010-04-04: I will be in Chicago for the Mod Chicago Our Way of Thinking weekender June 10, 11, and 12 of 2010; copies of New Dance will be available for sale on 12 June in the afternoon at Liar's Club (1665 West Fullerton Avenue), from 1pm to 5pm. These copies will be sold with special event packets, including buttons, a CD-R, and a short comic book of character Jason Hanvey's coming-out drawn by Toronto-area queer comic artist Susie Beeca (who did the cover illustration for Simple Man). Copies of the novel at this event are very limited, so if you miss out, wait for local Ann Arbor events or the next OWOT.

2009-12-30: There are still three copies of New Dance, along with "goodie bags", left-over from the book signing in August. If you have any holiday card cashola left over, consider a book:
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